The Best Email Template for Accepting an Internship

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You did it – you landed the internship! All the time you’ve spent perfecting your resume, LinkedIn profile, and interview skills have led up to this moment. The offer letter is sitting in your inbox, waiting to be signed and sent back, so let’s get to it. Below you’ll find the best email template for accepting an internship – just fill in the blanks for yourself.

When accepting an internship (or job) offer via email, you have the opportunity to send a well thought out message along with your signed letter. Your note does not need to be long, but it should reiterate your excitement about the new position and demonstrate your professionalism.

Make sure to address your email to the person who sent the offer letter and check carefully for typos or errors before sending. Your email should reassure your new employer that they made the right choice in hiring you.

Check out our email template below:

Hello (name of person who sent the offer letter),

Thank you so much for extending this opportunity to me! (Organization name) seems like a wonderful organization and after our interview, I was excited about the possibility of working with the (department name) department.

I am pleased to accept the position of (job title) and look forward to starting on (your official start date).

If there is any further information or paperwork you need me to complete, please let me know.

Again, thank you for the offer. I’m looking forward to joining the team and making a positive contribution to the company.


(Your name)

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