• The Complete Guide: Video and Skype Interviews

    Picture of a woman sitting in front of a laptop, smiling and waving hello with her hand. Overlaid text says: the complete guide to video interviews

    We’ve given you 10 Interview Questions and Answers as well as 5 Tips for a Great Interview. Now, we dive into five of our best video interview tips. The best of both worlds, a Skype interview gets you face-to-face time with an employer while still allowing you to feel relaxed in the comfort of your […]

  • Creating a Professional Email Address

    Computer with emails

    When you’re on the hunt for a new job you’ll be receiving a lot more emails and phone calls than you normally would. With so much of our communication being digital nowadays, people can form a first impression of you without ever seeing you or hearing your voice. One way that you can present a […]

  • How to Write an Acceptance Email

    Woman at her computer writing a job acceptance email

    Composing an email acceptance in response to an offer is the last step in a job seeker’s process. You’ve spent countless hours perfecting your resume, LinkedIn profile, and practicing your interview skills. Every move has been carefully thought out, and it has all paid off! It can be tempting to sign the offer and send […]

  • Questions to Ask in an Interview

    Woman asking questions during an interview

    When you’re prepping for an interview, you’re generally focused on what questions you’ll be asked and how best to respond. Because of this, many interviewees aren’t ready when the tables turn and it’s their time to ask the questions. You’d be surprised by the number of candidates don’t ask anything at all, either because they’re […]

  • What to Put on a Resume

    Woman reading over a resume

    Writing a resume is a process, and there are thousands of resume and cover letter examples out there on the Internet. So how are you supposed to know exactly what to put on a resume? We’ve created a one-stop guide for you – think of it as your personal resume assistant! A great resume is […]

  • What to Bring to an Interview

    Items on a table, like a leather notebook, to bring to an interview

    When preparing for an interview, you consider what to wear, do your research about the company, and practice responding to common interview questions, but that’s not where your prep should end. Make sure you have everything you need to bring to the interview, too. We’ve outlined what to bring to an interview and created a […]

  • Free Resume Review

    Get Your Free, Personalized Resume Review! Upload your resume and we’ll send you personalized feedback from one of our career coaches to help get you hired! Check Out These Other Resume Tips:

  • How to Write a Thank You Email After an Interview

    Man writing a thank you email on his computer after an interview

    Following up after an interview with a thank you note can help you stand out as a candidate. You can send your thank you a few ways: via email, snail mail, or LinkedIn message. Below are helpful tips and free templates for writing an interview thank you email. When to Send Your Thank You Timing […]

  • What to Wear to an Interview (For Women)

    Business woman in a suit resumes

    First impressions are powerful, and you don’t often get the chance to change someone’s perception of you. What you wear to a job interview is almost as important as what you say in the interview, so it’s important to dress appropriately. For most positions, business casual is an acceptable choice – but what exactly is […]

  • How To Slim Down To A One Page Resume

    A blank sheet of paper ready for a one page resume

    The short answer to the question, “Should a resume be one-page?” is, YES. The longer answer is usually. Occasionally, a two page resume is acceptable if you have a long professional history. However, if you only have a few years of experience, stick to a one page resume. Now, you might be thinking, “But I […]