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  • How to Add an Internship to Your Resume

    Internships are a great tool to gain relevant work experience in a field you’re interested in. Great internship programs will focus on developing you as a professional while also giving you exposure to the real day to day responsibilities of the role. When you’re considering how to add an internship to your resume, it’s important […]

  • Text: How to format a resume over a photo of a woman using a laptop computer.

    How to Format a Resume

    Creating an effective resume can be tough, especially if you’re starting from scratch. You want to highlight your qualifications and present yourself in the best way possible since a resume is the first interaction you have with a recruiter. It’s important that your resume is an accurate representation of who you are as a professional. […]

  • High School Resume Guide

    Plenty of experienced people struggle with resume writing, so how does a high school student who’s searching for their first job put together an effective resume? The answer is: Pretty easily! We’ve got a step-by-step guide to creating a great high school resume. If you’re a student searching for a high school resume template, look […]

  • Woman reading over a resume

    What to Put on a Resume

    Writing a resume is a process, and there are thousands of resume and cover letter examples out there on the Internet. So how are you supposed to know exactly what to put on a resume? We’ve created a one-stop guide for you – think of it as your personal resume assistant! A great resume is […]

  • A blank sheet of paper ready for a one page resume

    How To Slim Down To A One Page Resume

    The short answer to the question, “Should a resume be one-page?” is, YES. The longer answer is usually. Occasionally, a two page resume is acceptable if you have a long professional history. However, if you only have a few years of experience, stick to a one page resume. Now, you might be thinking, “But I […]

  • Computer on a desk with a notepad for writing a resume

    How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

    Once a job is posted, recruiters begin to receive dozens of resumes. For popular or entry-level positions, a company may receive hundreds, or even thousands of applications. When your resume is competing for attention, what can you do to make it stand out? Use an eye-catching resume template. Make your resume clear and easy to […]

  • Man editing a resume

    6 Common Mistakes Made on a Resume

    1. Misspellings The number one thing to watch out for on a resume is misspellings! Recruiters get dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes in response to a job listing. They’re looking for reasons to disqualify candidates – don’t let a simple spelling mistake ruin your chances of getting an interview. One area where spelling mistakes […]